Seascape- Latitude 13 Degrees South

//Seascape- Latitude 13 Degrees South
Seascape- Latitude 13 Degrees South 2019-09-24T22:43:40+09:30

Seascape- Latitude 13 Degrees South

Project Description

My artwork is fuelled by a passion for protecting and preserving the ocean habitat. Groote Eylandt Archipelego is situated at the Latitude of 13 Degrees South in the Gulf of Carpenteria. I find much inspiration  and marine debris there,  from which this work is made. The hues of this remote island are reflected in this seascape. From the oranges of the cliffs to the sparkling blues of the Arafura Sea. These woven   vessels may not function as traditional baskets, however they do weave a narrative, their purpose being to carry the tragic tale of sea life in the plastic age.

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