Crocodile: A Blue Study

//Crocodile: A Blue Study

Crocodile: A Blue Study


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handwoven recycled   fishing line , wire, crocodile skull, fish hook

height  – 130cm

width  30cm

My woven sculpture explorations expanded from  jellyfish to crocodiles when I participated in the Artists in the Parks program at the Territory Wildlife Park in 2014. I fell in love with their handsome resident four-metre-long crocodile, affectionately known as Graham. I spent many an hour sitting near Graham, weaving and watching.

Dion Wed, the Curator of Natural Sciences at the Wildlife Park, told me that Graham was gifted to the Wildlife Park in 1991 from the Northern Territory Crocodile Farm.

He was going to be made into leather due to his cantankerous nature, but was offered to TWP as an alternative to the high-end fashionistas in Paris, London, New York and Sydney. He was paired with a female on 2 separate occasions and bashed them both, I don’t recall whether or not he killed one, but I think he may have, so he has been a bachelor ever since. (Personal communication Webb, 2013).

I  am fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend so much time in the presence of such a magnificent beast and  am very grateful for the thick Perspex, which separated my good self from the misogynist reptile.

 Permits  from Parks and Wildlife have been obtained for the artist to make art from and sell crocodile products


1 Available