rockpool: gumleaves and ghost net

//rockpool: gumleaves and ghost net

rockpool: gumleaves and ghost net


cyanotype (sunprint) on 400gsm recycled cotton rag  paper

30cm x 42 cm



My artwork is themed around my love for the ocean and passion for protecting and preserving the sea habitat and marine life. This series is titled Arafura Connect- from Mangroves to Mudflats and is comprised of works which emulate the sea-life and coastal environments found in the proximity of the Arafura Sea, including Nightcliff Beach where I live and Groote Eylandt where I have been working at Anindilyakwa Arts since 2015


The works are about connecting to places, different and familiar and they result from my time living on Groote Eylandt but also pay homage   to my coastal home in Darwin.

All 10 works reflect the colours of the Arafura sea and coastline in my favourite places, the oranges and reds of the cliffs to the sparkling blues of the sea and sky, the colours of happiness, complimentary and inspirational.

I am constantly inspired by the sea , creatures and people of both the City of Darwin and   Groote Eylandt. The spirit of my woven Jellyfish, along with other flora and fauna endemic to both places are captured in two dimensional prints through the use of cyanotype (sun prints) and plant pigments.