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Aly de Groot is an award winning contemporary fibre sand textile artist from ,Northern Australia . Her distinctive woven sculpture, public works  and jewelry designs embody the importance of  celebrating and protecting  marine habitats and sea life in the plastic age.

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‘Aly takes the traditions of basket making and weaving then drags them kicking and screaming into strange new places’

– Art Nation, ABC TV, March, 2011

Aly de Groot is an award winning contemporary fibre and textile artist from Darwin, Northern Australia who takes the tradition of basket-making into exciting new places. Her woven forms made from marine debris including ghost nets and fishing line have been immortalised in bronze as a series of monumental public sculptures in idyllic seaside locations across Darwin, including a pair of large dancing Jellyfish at East Point, A Mother and Calf Dugong at Dripstone Cliffs and a series of migratory shore birds at Lee Point.  As a fibre and textile artist, Aly’s distinctive artworks and jewellery designs emphasise the importance of  celebrating and protecting   animals and plants she loves , many of which,  are sometimes hidden and dangerous, but always beautiful.

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